What to Know About Sustainable Home Construction

Sustainable Construction Trends in Residential Real EstateWith the ongoing shift towards sustainable construction and design in the real estate industry, more and more home buyers are interested in properties that have environmentally friendly features, and developers are starting to respond by incorporating green building practices into their new construction projects. Even sellers are capitalizing on high-ROI, energy-efficient upgrades.

If you're thinking about buying or selling a home, it's important to be aware of the latest sustainable construction trends so you can make informed decisions about your property. In this article, we'll discuss some of the most popular sustainable construction trends in residential real estate and explain how they can benefit you.

Building with Sustainable Materials

One of the most popular sustainable construction trends is using environmentally friendly building materials. Eco-friendly construction materials are made from renewable resources, recycled content, or both, and they can include anything from bamboo to recycled steel to repurposed plastics. Using these materials helps reduce the environmental impact of your home and can also add value. If you're selling your home, potential buyers may be more interested in touring your property because it was built using sustainable materials.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency

Another popular sustainability trend is increasing energy efficiency in homes. There are a number of ways to do this, but some of the most common include using energy-efficient appliances, installing double- or triple-glazed windows, and adding insulation. Making your home more energy efficient can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your utility bills. It's also a selling point if you're looking to market your property to potential buyers.

Installing Solar Panels and EV Charging Ports

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in sustainable construction, and for good reason. Solar panels can help reduce your energy costs, increase the value of your home, and lower your carbon footprint. If you're considering installing solar panels, it's important to consult with a professional to see if they're right for your property. 

If you own an electric vehicle, installing a charging port at your home can be a no-brainer. But even if you don't own an EV, having an electric vehicle charging port installed can increase the value of your home with certain buyers due to the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. Both of these home improvements have more value in the eyes of buyers because the inconvenient part—installation and upfront costs—has already been done for them.

Investing in Water Conservation

Water conservation is a critical aspect of sustainable construction. There are a number of ways to conserve water in your home, such as using low-flow fixtures, installing rain barrels, and xeriscaping your landscaping. By conserving water, you can save money on your utility bills and help protect the environment.

Greywater is water that has been used for showering, laundry, or other household tasks. Recycling greywater and using it for irrigation or other purposes is another great way to conserve water.

Get Trendy with Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is becoming more and more popular in the residential real estate market, both in newly constructed homes and in remodels and upgrades. Home buyers today are interested in homes that have been built with sustainable materials, are energy-efficient, and have features like solar panels. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the near future, it’s important to be aware of these trends to make sure your property is appealing to today’s home buyers.

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